COVID-19 Resource Center for Public Sector Budgeting

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Discover and Learn - CARES Act Grant Insights by State


Public sector organizations are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. Questica understands the uncertainty and pressure that your organization is facing, and we would like to be a resource you can depend on during this difficult time.

To assist our customers during this time of uncertainty, bookmark this page for immediate access to the latest COVID-19 budgeting and transparency resources.



  • CARES Act Funding by State [Interactive Map & Resources

  • CARES Act - The U.S. Department of the Treasury [Link]

  • Updated Relief Fund Reporting Requirements from US Treasury’s Office of Inspector General [Link]

  • Higher Education CARES Act Spending Reports [Link]


Remote Collaboration

  • How cloud technology supports budgeting remotely [Blog]

  • Create synergy within your remote budget team  [Blog]

  • The Importance of Remote Budget Collaboration  [Watch Now]


Data Transparency

  • Introduction to Questica OpenBook - October 13, 2020 [Register Now]

  • Boost crisis communications with data visualization [Blog]

  • The benefits of citizen engagement during a crisis [Blog]


Budget Analytics

  • Using budget forecasts and scenarios for crisis planning [Blog]

  • How to connect your grant funding to the budgeting process [Blog]

  • Retrenchment techniques for cost savings during a crisis [Blog]

  • Creating a COVID-19 Scenario in Questica Budget [Watch Now]

  • How to Control Spending During Times of Uncertainty [Watch Now]

  • Where to look for funding that can help during times of crisis [Watch Now]

  • 5 Biggest Challenges in Public Sector Budgeting Today – and How to Solve Them [Watch Now]


Cloud Based Budgeting

  • How cloud budgeting supports governments in a crisis [White Paper]


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