COVID-19 Resource Center for Public Sector Budgeting

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Public sector organizations are at the forefront of the COVID-19 pandemic. Questica understands the uncertainty and pressure that your organization is facing, and we would like to be a resource you can depend on during this difficult time.

To assist our customers during this time of uncertainty, bookmark this page for immediate access to the latest COVID-19 budgeting and transparency resources.


COVID-19 Resources:


  • How cloud technology supports budgeting remotely [Blog]

  • Using budget forecasts and scenarios for crisis planning [Blog]

  • Boost crisis communications with data visualization [Blog]

  • The benefits of citizen engagement during a crisis [Blog]

  • How to connect your grant funding to the budgeting process [Blog]

  • Create synergy within your remote budget team  [Blog]

  • Retrenchment techniques for cost savings during a crisis [Blog]


Live Webinars:

  • Brilliant Visual and Transparent Data - Introduction to Questica OpenBook - August 6, 2020 [Register Now]


On-Demand Webinars:

  • The Importance of Remote Budget Collaboration  [Watch Now]
  • Creating a COVID-19 Scenario in Questica PowerPlan [Watch Now]
  • Creating a COVID-19 Scenario in Questica Budget [Watch Now]
  • How to Control Spending During Times of Uncertainty [Watch Now]
  • Canadian Government Customer Panel Session [Watch Now]
  • Where to look for funding that can help during times of crisis [Watch Now]


White Papers:

  • How Cloud Budgeting Supports Governments During a Crisis [White Paper]


Data Transparency Software Free Trial Offer:


Questica OpenBook Free Trial Offer:

Let us introduce you to Questica OpenBook, a cloud-based data transparency tool that enables you to quickly transform financial, statistical and GIS driven data into interactive and engaging visuals, such as charts, tables, maps and informational pop-ups.

Questica is offering our Questica OpenBook solution at no cost to all public sector organizations through to September 30, 2020.

Additional OpenBook advantages to assist public sector organizations during the crisis include the ability to:

  • View budget information quickly and make critical data driven decisions for the community
  • Provide a centralized resource for stakeholders and citizens to drill-through financial data for a deeper understanding of your budget decisions and the anticipated impact of the coronavirus
  • Remotely communicate your financial information in a concise and easy to understand format to senior leadership and board/council members

For an idea of how Questica OpenBook works, please visit our Open City website, where we’ve created some sample visualizations, including a map of the COVID-19 testing sites in the City of Toronto.

Questica OpenBook can be implemented in a few short hours and without the use of IT resources. For more information about how Questica OpenBook or Budgeting solutions can help your organization please reach out to us using the form on this page. One of our experts would be pleased to answer all your questions.

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